Investing is simple!


Investing is a lot simpler then people think, one of the easiest way to do this is with your first house. If you live for 2 years minimum and own up to 5 years (aka. your mailing address is that house), then you are entitled to $250,000 tax exemption from capital gains.

Here is how the math works out:

$250,000 (house price) +  $20,000 renovation = $270,000 (total investment)

$300,000 (appraisal after renovations of the house) = $30,000 *Profit*

A house appreciates on average 5.4%, so lets say you own the house for 5 years with compounding appreciation of 5.4%

$300,000 x 5.4% (compounding) = $390,000 by the end of the 5th year.

Total Profit = $120,000 Capital Gain Tax Free (if sold within 5 years and lived in at least two)

Lets take this math a bit further. You decide to move on after living at your house for 2 years and decide to rent it out for 3 years before you sell, (this model is what some of the smartest investors follow with the houses they live in and own)

Average mortgage payment  of a $270,000 at 4.5% is $1,350 a month (Jan, 2019 pricing)

Average rent for a house priced at $250,000 (which is extremely conservative since our house is now worth $300,000) is anywhere between $2,000 to $2,750

We’re going to take the lowest rent price and work with that. That means every month its rented out you make a passive income of $650 a month.

At 80% occupancy rate (average) you will gain a net profit of $18,720 for within 3 years, but here is the cherry on top, the rest of that rent goes towards your equity in the house (aka still your money) meaning you garnered $38,880 towards your equity, add that up with the profit from rent you will garner a total of  $57,600.

Now its time to sell. At the end of the 5th Year your house is now worth:

$390,000 – $270,000 = $120,000

$120,000 + $57,600 = $177,600

That is $177,600 profit *TAX FREE* within a 5 year period.

That’s why real estate is always going to be one of the best investments someone can make.

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